Seventeen-year-old Seelie Stanton never wanted to kill anyone. She never wanted to be invisible in her own family, she never wanted to crush on her best friend Alyssa, and she definitely never wanted to know how effectively a mallet could destroy a human head.

But the universe doesn’t care what she wants and neither does Shane Mayfield. When the former high school basketball star attacks her, she has no choice but to defend herself. She saves her own life, but she can’t bring herself to talk about what happened that night. Not all of it. Not even when she’s arrested for murder.

Engaging and honest. – Kirkus

This powerful debut novel portrays a resilient heroine with an exceptional will to survive, and her intensely realistic, captivating journey towards healing. – Booklist

MY WHOLE TRUTH turns a blistering eye to the aftermath of a brutal assault – and a young woman’s fight to regain control of her story and her life. – Kit Frick, author of See All the Stars

An important story, rivetingly told. – B&N Teen Blog

A multifaceted story about relationships, justice and judgement, and, most significantly, the power of speaking the truth. -Foreword Reviews

Subtle, yet searing, a heartbreaking, beautiful read. – Christine Hurley DeRiso, author of Things I’d Rather Do Than Die

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Sherlock Holmes may not have been a journalist, but that doesn’t stop high school senior Kennedy Carter from embracing his methods. With her sights set on becoming an investigative reporter, Kennedy lives by the famous detective’s rules: observe the obvious, eliminate the impossible, and avoid romantic entanglements at all costs.

Kennedy has her heart set on winning the $10,000 Excellence in Emerging Journalism award so she can finally escape her small town and see the world with her very own kind-hearted Watson—best friend and school photographer Ravi Burman.

But research into a local urban legend and a murder investigation she can’t resist are threatening to derail her plans. To find the killer preying on her graduating class, she and Ravi team up to investigate the deaths and work to uncover the story of a lifetime—if it doesn’t cost them their lives first.